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Ali Abu Awwad

Ali Abu Awwad

        is an internationally renowned nonviolent resistance and peace activist, co-founder of the Taghyeer (Change) Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement.  In Taghyeer,  grassroots communities and emerging leaders practice nonviolence as a unifying identity for the Palestinian people. Taghyeer is a civil society movement that creates social and political change by taking responsibility for the self-development of Palestinian society, while working to build a mass movement of resistance to occupation - and for full freedom and rights.

I am Not Your Enemy, by Michael McRay 

        Michael McRay, informed by the entrenched legacies of racial injustice in the United State, travels to Palestine, Israel, South Africa and Northern Ireland to learn from -- and share -- stories of resilience and the difficult path to reconciliation.   Chapter One of I am Not Your Enemy -- “Dialogue is not the Goal” -- is centered on a fateful meeting with Ali Abu Awwad. Ali’s story of imprisonment, loss, empathy and resistance activism sets the agenda for Michael’s encounters with oppression, loss and the assertions of humanity and purpose that can transform conflict.   

This excerpt is from I Am Not Your Enemy: Stories to Transform a Divided World by Michael McRay ©2020 by Herald Press, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Used with permission. All rights reserved.   

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