Friends of Taghyeer Movement in the U.S.


The Friends of Taghyeer Movement in the US welcomes your involvement and support for Taghyeer (Change) Palestine.  Ali Abu Awwad, during the January 2020 US tour is sharing how his personal story of struggle, and nonviolent activism, led to the founding of Taghyeer and its growth among activists, emerging leaders and communities in Palestinian society.


Friends of Taghyeer Movement (FTM) , now acting under a fiscal sponsorship, is seeking with Ali and Muhanad Alkharaz (Taghyeer's new and first Executive Director), additional leadership and advice to develop FTM and increase its effectiveness in support of Taghyeer Palestine on the ground.  We are looking for legal and 501c3 organizational development assistance; fundraising expertise; website development/social media assistance, and partners to build a Board as we consider independent 501c3 status.  We offer volunteer and leadership opportunities, including opportunities to visit or volunteer with Taghyeer (Change) Palestine on the ground.   We will create together a revamped Friends of Taghyeer that can be a strong part of building a network of conflict transformation activists and funding circles in the US supportive of the on the ground work of Taghyeer Movement.   

Stephen R. Stern Co-Founder and Manager of Friends of Taghyeer Movement; 5322 Broad Branch Road NW, Washington DC 20015

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