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Taghyeer (Change) Palestine on the ground

After a successful 2020 U.S. speaking tour, Taghyeer Founder Ali Abu Awwad and Executive Director Muhanad Kharaz returned to a Palestine facing the scourge of global pandemic.  Safety, helping and healing have come first.  Taghyeer's leaders, along with their Messengers of Change grassroots coordinators, have turned maximum efforts to COVID-19 relief.  They started with emergency provision of food and quarantine services to poor and isolated Palestinians communities in Bethlehem and South Hebron Hills, along with masks and hazard suits delivered to front line medical responders.  These efforts developed into West Bank-wide programs of food delivery and personal protection equipment and support to chronically ill Palestinians. DONATE HERE to expand such efforts to reach imperiled Palestinians. 


On August 30, Friends of Taghyeer Movement hosted a Zoom Town Hall with Taghyeer (Change) Palestine with attendees participating from across the United States and around the world. Three Palestinians, Founder Ali Abu Awwad; Forum Zfd's Siham Fayyad; and Executive Director, Muhanad Kharaz, presented the ground truths of Palestinian society under covid, women's rise to leadership, continuing occupation and lack of self-rule.  The Town Hall video can be seen here:


Highlights of the Palestinian leaders' remarks can be found in What Taghyeer does.

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